Use Balanced Scorecard (BSC) Perspectives in the Service Sector: A Case Study on the Jordanian Private Universities

  •  Atef Al- Bawab    


This study aimed to identify on how to use Balanced Scorecard (BSC) perspectives in the service sector in general and in the Jordanian private universities in particular. The study was designed questionnaire to achieve the study objective, the questionnaire was distributed to(48), has recovered from (42) identify the rate of recovery was (87.5%), and after analyzing the data and test hypothesis using analysis methods through the program (SPSS) we found many of the results was the most important: There is using of the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) perspectives in the Jordanian private universities partially, The researcher recommends that The universities hve to use all the perspectives of Balanced Scorecard (BSC) in the work as well as follow-up students after graduation in order to give the Promotional League. and The university has to work feedback about the services provided to the students.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.