Business Ecosystem, a Secured Strategy to Gain Competitive Advantage According to SMOCS Model

  •  Narges Alizadeh    
  •  Hanieh Dariani    
  •  Ali Smida    


Attitude to the organizations has been changed over the time. Nowadays by increasing changes in business environments, borders between industries have almost been removed. According to James Moore (1993), organizational activities space is now an ecosystem one in which different businesses from different industries have mutual interactions as well as their survivals extensively depend on each other. These concepts are thoroughly propounded in business ecosystem approach.

This paper reviewed different types of making strategic decision by using SMOCS Model was presented by Smida 1995 and showed which consequences and results shall be gained in each type for business ecosystem. It also showed scientific and applicable methods of making strategic decision according to SMOCS Model. So each business ecosystem may choose one of strategic decision making types as per situation and its expectation from the results. The method which applied in this research also authorized us to study a concurrent and simultaneous decision making in three main and important variables (resources, objectives and environmental conditions).Results of this research may help managers to make strategic decision in critical situations and also propose effective and useful offers to make decision. It raises knowledge and awareness level in making decision.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.