Exploration of Customer Complaint Behaviors Toward Macau Low-cost Carriers

  •  Yang Li    
  •  Grace Chan    
  •  Irini Tang    


In 2015, the number of complaints against airlines in Macau increased considerably. In today’s keen competitive business environment, maintaining a good reputation and positive word-of-mouth within the industry is essential to increase competitiveness. Hence, Macau low-cost carriers should gather more customer feedback to improve their product and service quality. Macau passengers would speak to the management, their friends and family, and media and even choose boycott the companies when they feel dissatisfied with their travel experiences. The present study aimed to investigate the behavior of passengers in Macau toward low-cost carriers. A qualitative approach was adopted using a sample of 20 respondents who had previously submitted complaints to low-cost carriers. Semi-structured questions were asked in the in-depth interview. The results demonstrated the rationale behind the complaints. Perception of complaint behavior of Macau low-cost carriers’ passengers was discovered. Recommendations were proposed to provide insights for industrial practitioners.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.