Experience Value, Satisfaction and Loyalty of International Tourists in Shanghai: A PLS-SEM Analysis

  •  Lilian Mustelier Puig    
  •  Xu Ming    


The purpose of this paper is to explore loyalty and satisfaction of international tourists visiting Shanghai with tourism services through five experience value dimensions: functional value, price value, emotional value, social value and novelty value. A questionnaire was used to gather data from 166 international tourists visiting Shanghai during September-October, 2016. The measures were taken and adapted from William & Soutar (2009), and Prebensen & Rosengren (2016). Data was analyzed using SPSS 24 and SmartPlS 3.2. The results confirm a direct and significant relationship between experience value and its five dimensions. Although all the dimensions of experience value had a significant indirect effect on satisfaction and loyalty, the study showed that international tourists in Shanghai worry more about the emotional, social, and novelty value a service can offer rather than the price or functional value.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.