Identifying the Effect of Entrepreneurship Approach on the Banking Industry Development Strategy (Study at Bank Mellat)

  •  Mahboobeh Zohari    
  •  Reza MohammadKazemi    


Approach to entrepreneurship and strategy of development is the concepts that have attracted the attention of many researchers and managers from the theoretical and practical dimension, and many companies have used these two concepts, and have won a lot of success. In today's world, the entrepreneurship is known as an engine of local, regional and national economic development. (Ahmadpour, 2007) The process of economic development in developed countries reflects the fact that the economy is under the influence of entrepreneurship. In addition, in the current competitive environment, it is an important factor in the development and survival of the companies. Companies that put the entrepreneurial orientation as their policy approach, through the development of flexible resources, they can increase their long-term potential. (Khanka, 2003) Therefore, in this paper, we examine the relationship between development strategy and entrepreneurship dimensions, including innovation, risk-taking, activism, and competitive aggression in the Mellat bank. The research is applied and is done in correlation way. The questionnaire is used to collect data. The statistical population of the study was limited that 261 statistical samples were used in the analysis. The research findings show that entrepreneurship approaches have a strong and positive impact on its development strategy. The Moderating Competitive dynamic has no impact on the relationship between entrepreneurship approach and development strategy. The findings of this study will help decision-makers to be able to know the importance of entrepreneurial approach so that they can decide appropriate policies to create and launch apps. Based on the results obtained, recommendations are provided for statistical population and bank managers.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.