The Consumer, the Consumed, & the Devastated: A Longitudinal Study of Jordanian Consumers

  •  Mohammad Obeidat    


Based on a longitudinal study of a 120 Jordanian housewives, this study examines the influence of the Arab spring events on the Jordanian consumers in the form of the changes in the demographic and consumption patterns of the Jordanian consumers during the years 2012-2017 (i.e. the Arab spring phase). The results of this study reveals significant implications of the events of the region and governmental policies on the Jordanian consumers and presents the first ever typology of Jordanian consumers. Generally, the findings of this study reveal a decrease in the middle class segment in favor of the upper class. A number of managerial implications and suggestions for solving these issues are also presented.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.