A Review of the Tripartite Model Linking Associations between TQM, Organizational Learning, and Performance

  •  Akram Aljaffan    


This review aims to examine selected research articles that empirically investigated the relationship between Total Quality Management (TQM), Organizational Learning and Performance. The objectives of the current review are threefold. First, it aims to provide a comparative analysis regarding, findings, methodology, and dimensions, second, it explores the dimensions of the relevant constructs based on literature review, and Third, it compares the inferred concepts with those developed in the selected research studies. The current paper found a lack of conceptual clarity of the selected research studies’ dimensions when compared with the conceptually developed ones based on expanded literature review, methodological issues and ill-defined practices during confirmatory factor analysis and unsatisfactory scales selection justification from a theoretical perspective. Recommendations for pertaining future research mainly include building a broader theoretical lens while developing the dimensions of TQM, organizational learning, and performance, enhanced confirmatory factor analysis reporting practices and embracing qualitative research methods that further investigate the tripartite model.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.