Financial Resources Management for SME`S of Mongolia

  •  Ganbold Solongo    


This paper Financial resources management analyzes the sources of financing for the medium enterprises in Mongolia by comparing between limited liability companies and public listed companies who are actively working in trading, manufacturing and service providing companies external and internal sources of finances. The paper gives an overview of the related theories of financial sources and capital structuring and aimed to approve based on the empirical studies on the selected three different industries 14 companies (based on the empirical studies done on 14 companies within three different industries). This paper also defined an optimal capital structure for the selected industries and each company based on the scenario analysis and assumptions. This paper investigates the sources of financing for the medium enterprises in Mongolia in different ownership structures by a capital structure theories and their impact on corporate financial performances. There are several theories regarding the process of business financing in general, companies can obtain sources of finances from short term sources, debt finance, venture capital, equity finance and internal sources.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.