SBs Purchase Determinants in Italian Market: A Survey of Different Retailers’ Shoppers

  •  Guido Cristini    
  •  Cristina Zerbini    


Determinants of the growth of store brands (SBs) have been widely investigated in marketing literature. However, with reference to consumer studies, no contributions have focused on comparing strategies developed by grocery retailers to create SB value based on consumer evaluations. The present study aims to fill this knowledge gap by analysing the reasons behind the choice of SBs by consumers who shop at various retailers in Italian market. Data was collected through a computer-assisted telephone interview technique (CATI) based on a structured questionnaire. The final sample was formed by 979 SBs shoppers. The results show that, despite the evidence that socio-demographic profile of the shopper does not vary depending on the retailer attended, the level of importance of SB purchase determinants tend to differ for each retailer: this may reflect the way each distributor has developed its SB products and, therefore, the corresponding strategy adopted. These findings have several implications for retailer policy in positioning SB products.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.