A Conceptual Model of Forces Driving the Introduction of a Sustainability Report in SMEs: Evidence from a Case Study

  •  Fabio Caputo    
  •  Stefania Veltri    
  •  Andrea Venturelli    


The paper aims to depict the forces responsible for an effective introduction of a sustainability report within SMEs. The paper’s aim is addressed employing the case study methodology. In detail an SME considered a best practice in introducing sustainability innovations has been selected and analyzed. The main outcome of the paper is to use the case study evidence to construct a conceptual model highlighting the forces that drive companies to introduce innovative sustainable management tools. The conceptual model emphasizes as driving forces the capability of the firm to engage with its stakeholders, together with some relevant managerial and organizational features. The adoption of sustainable management tools is the outcome of a strategic alignment of corporate and sustainable strategy, and of the organizational capability to carry on effectively social and environmental responsibility (SER) activities based on the firm’s SER critical dimensions.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.