E-WOM Adoption and Sharing Behavior in Social Network Sites: The Impact of Engagement in SNSs

  •  Jehad Imlawi    


Social network sites (SNSs) is becoming a credible source of online information. Despite the increasing use of social networks in message persuasion literature, there is still a need for investigating the role it can play in users’ adoption of online information and its impact on users' sharing behavioral intention of this online information. This research utilizes the peripheral route in elaboration likelihood model to investigate the impact of source credibility on engagement in SNSs and on e-WOM adoption, the impact of engagement in SNSs and recommendation rating on e-WOM adoption, and the impact of e-WOM adoption on sharing behavioral intention.

The findings suggest that factors, that are not directly related to the online message content, like source credibility, recommendation rating, and online users' engagement in SNSs groups, positively impact online information adoption by SNSs users, and their sharing behavioral intention of this online information. The study is finally concluded by suggesting the theoretical implications, and by providing strategies for firms to adjust their online activities in order to succeed in improving their customers’ engagement, and their customers' adopting of these firms' products and services’ information.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.