Perceptions of Consumers in the Airline Industry Using a Qualitative Data Analysis Methodology: An Applied Research under an International Orientation

  •  David Rimbo    
  •  Rocky Nagoya    
  •  Ikin Solihin    
  •  Jorge Mongay    


Greater digital connectivity, improved practical functionalities of internet and website interface, and the wide embrace of the social-media lifestyle, have induced higher level of activism and participation by the consumer class, as evidenced by the more frequent posting of online customers’ reviews. The textual and qualitative features of online customer reviews can be effectively reviewed and analyzed through the application of robust qualitative data mining methodology and text statistics. Qualitative Data analysis methodology (QDA) greatly helps with the technical steps for the codification, interpretative analysis, hypothesis testing, and predictive iterations. This research uses this methodology and proceeds with an in-depth analysis of N=1222 written reviews to explain the most common complaints of passengers under an international and comparative approach of two airlines in Asia. The conclusions and results of the research are in line with other quantitative research done by (Messner & Wolfang, 2016) stating that Food and Beverages, In-flight entertainment and the quality of the seats in the encounter stage of the service should be the major concerns of today´s airlines.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.