Development of Physical Education Model for 7-12th Graders

  •  Sheng-Kuang Yang    
  •  Yen-Chen Huang    
  •  Yi-Hsien Lin    


During physical, social support also affects the change in students’ attitude towards sports. Therefore, in order to propose suggestions for improving physical education, this study enrolled students participating in sports team in Taiwan as the research subjects and performed investigations them to develop the participation model for students in sports teams and provide constructive strategies according to it, in order to effectively improve students’ sports participation. According to the research conclusions, the goodness of fit of the overall measurement model is good, the convergent validity and discriminant validity are acceptable, and most of the relevant indices all meet the criteria. This study used path analysis to analyze the path coefficients among various variables, and discovered that all of the paths were significant. The potential variable that has the most significant influence on participation motivation is social support, namely, the influence of social support on participation motivation is more significant.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.