An Empirical Study about Customer Preferences of Retail Sellers’ Qualifications

  •  Najah Salamah    


The purpose behind the study was to analyze the skills and behaviors required by Saudi retail sellers in developing interest of the consumers towards purchasing from retail stores. The sample size of 384 participants has been considered for data collection. Descriptive statistics and frequencies have been used to generate and analyze the data. Results have indicated that majority of respondents embarked on retail shops with Saudi sales men, because they were characterized by truthfulness, honesty, and patience. Moreover, approximately 96.10% of respondents gave preference to the retail shops, which were managed by properly trained Saudi seller. It has been observed that it is important to consider that Saudi seller should possess the qualities of patience, faithfulness, seriousness in work, while recruiting, and appointing them. The importance of qualities, which should be possessed by seller, has been highlighted through outcomes. Moreover, the emphasis is given to provide training to the seller for enhancing their selling skills and capabilities.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.