The Influence of Employee Empowerment on Employee Job Satisfaction in Five-Star Hotels in Jordan

  •  Mukhles Al-Ababneh    
  •  Samer Al-Sabi    
  •  Firas Al-Shakhsheer    
  •  Mousa Masadeh    


This paper examines the influence of empowerment on job satisfaction in five-star hotels in Jordan. The influence of empowerment on job satisfaction remains a relatively unexplored area. A 52-item questionnaire, measuring empowerment and job satisfaction, was distributed to 332 employees in 12 five-star hotels in Jordan with a 56% response rate. Principal components analysis determined the factor structure and regression analysis determined the influence of empowerment on job satisfaction. The results revealed both structural and psychological empowerment have significant individual influences on job satisfaction, but more significant when structural and psychological empowerment are combined. Most of previous studies were conducted in western economies and little in the Middle East generally and Jordan in particular. This research contributes to the literature by including both dimensions of empowerment where previous scholars used only one.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.