The Reality of Applying Human Resources Diversity Management and Its Impact on Workers’ (Performance, Cooperation, Commitment and Loyalty): A Field Study on the Jordanian Food Industry Companies

  •  Sahar Abu Bakir    


Globalization, political instability, poverty, forced immigration and many other factors created a state of diversity in the composition of the world population, and accordingly diversity transferred into organizations, causing a big and unavoidable challenge to business organizations. Diverse human resources can be a source of success if they are well managed strategically, and could be the opposite if they were ignored, and don’t have the needed inclusiveness.

This study aimed first to find out the degree to which the Jordanian food industry companies are engaged in Human Resources Diversity Management (DM) in terms of (equity and justice in applying human resources strategies), empowerment and religious freedom. And second to examine the influence of (DM) strategies on workers (performance, cooperation, commitment and loyalty), 150 of non-Jordanian workers at 5 companies operating at King Abdulla the second industrial city were surveyed, depending on the workers responses it was found that the 5 companies do engage in (DM) strategies, except for staffing which is restricted by the Jordanian Labor Law, the results of multiple regression showed that all DM strategies have an influence on workers performance.

Empowerment has only an influence on workers cooperation, and religious freedom affects workers commitment and loyalty.

The researcher recommended that more involvement in organizational activities, equity, justice and good treatment, will enhance workers cooperation, commitment and loyalty.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.