Study of the Social and Cultural Aspects of Saudi Tourists and Evaluate the Services Provided to Tourist of Saudi - An Applied Study for the Tourism Sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  •  Amal Damanhouri    


The current study is based on the tourism sector in Saudi Arabia. Kingdom’s tourism industry earnings from international travelers and tourism services are poised to hit SAR80 billion in 2015. The tourism industry in Saudi Arabia has witnessed an increasing level of growth in recent years and is seen to continue this trend moving forward. The industry has undergone a major transformation led by the commitment to upgrade the Kingdom’s infrastructure as well as improving its hospitality sector. Religious tourism is the main attraction for inbound tourists and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future, the government has taken steps to increase domestic tourism and persuade potential outbound tourists from vacationing abroad. However, large investment in the sector is required to bring these ambitious plans to fruition. The tourism sector comprises only 2% of government funding compared to the industrial sector. In this report random sampling was used as it is the best known form of probability sample. Pilot study was conducted by taking convenience sampling. To find the quantitative analysis SPSS 18.0 software is used. In this report factor analysis is used for the reliability test of the questionnaire. Chi-Square test is used for comparing the collected data with the desired data from the certain hypothesis on the other hand Pearson Correlation is used to measure means of a statistical test. The study evaluates the services provided to the tourist visiting the kingdom and at the same time it measures the satisfaction level of the tourists. The report is based on primary and secondary data for the primary data the questionnaire was used and being distributed to the tourists visiting the kingdom. Five hypothesis was proposed and are being analyzed using Chi – Square test and correlation test. The current study states that there are several variables, where excellent satisfaction is being rated by the tourists where as there are several factors where the authority needs to pay importance, which is mentioned in detail in this report. The outcome of this report also suggests some major policy recommendation by which convenience, excellence and comfort could be given to the tourists visiting the kingdom.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.