Case Study, Simulation and Management Games: Use, Benefits and Barriers in Undergraduate Business School Program (CEAS-IMSIU)

  •  Abdulrahman Almohaini    
  •  Jamel Choukir    
  •  Abdulrahman Alkhorayef    


This research focused on three main teaching methods: case study, simulation, and management games from both theoretical as well as empirical aspects. It explores the use, the benefits, and the barriers of the mentioned teaching methods related to the main management courses from Faculty Members (FMs) perspectives. The empirical investigation was based on a survey of all business departments' faculty members. This study revealed (1) the predominant use of lecturing despite the respondents' engagement in case study, simulation, and management games. It showed that (2) the frequency use of these teaching supports was particularly related to some courses, not systematically, and depended on the faculty member (rank, experience, place of degree). Finally, (3) the main barriers preventing the FMs from using these teaching methods are associated with resources, more than risk and suitability.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.