The Feasibility of Job Sharing as a Mechanism to Balance Work and Life of Female Entrepreneurs

  •  Aryan Gholipour    
  •  Mahdieh Bod    
  •  Mona Zehtabi    
  •  Ali Pirannejad    
  •  Samira Fakheri Kozekanan    


Balancing life and work is the most important challenge of entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs seek a logical balance between their job and life and this issue is of great importance to Iranian entrepreneur women. Inability to handle the contrast between work and family is the main source of job stress and ends in job and personal dissatisfaction. To overcome these problems we have to look for solutions that not only meet the organization needs but also imposes less stress on entrepreneurs and thus results in improving their productivity.

In this article we have studied female entrepreneurs situation and their share in labor market, as well as flexible methods of doing jobs especially job sharing method. We have done structured interviews with entrepreneurs of Azad University and their attitude to possibility of job sharing and its effect on female entrepreneurs at university has been expressed. After performing the qualitative methods, questionnaires were made and the attitude of female entrepreneurs towards job sharing was examined. The results of quantitative research show that they have a positive attitude towards job sharing but we have to notice that job sharing doesn’t lead in weakening the bargaining ability of female entrepreneurs.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.