The Role of Technological Business Incubators in Supporting and Developing Marketing Capabilities for Entrepreneurship Business and Small Projects in Jordan

  •  Mohammad Abu-Jalil    


This research aimed to identify the role of technological business incubators in supporting and developing marketing capabilities for entrepreneurship business and small projects in Jordan. The research population included all personnel and owners of the small entrepreneurship, either those projects were incubated or not. The sample of the study consisted of (400) respondents. It was concluded that there was a role for the services provided by technological business incubators of, (administrative services, financial services, professional services, follow-up and personal services) in supporting and developing the marketing capabilities in business entrepreneurship and small projects in Jordan. The averages for those services were of a high level of Importance. In light of the findings’ it was recommended to continue to provide accounting services and billing for business entrepreneurship and small businesses, and to emphasized the importance of holding specialized training courses for business entrepreneurship and small projects.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.