Study on the Influence of Customers’ Risk Perception on the Use of Leasing Services Based on the Burden of Ownership

  •  Jutamart Limsupanark    
  •  Xu Ming    
  •  Pimyada Pangam    


Rental service refers to the provision of the right to use the goods for the customer, and do not need to have ownership, such as the car rental industry, is now growing rapidly. This service is provided to avoid the so-called "customers to bear the burdens of ownership", such as the product has to take the risk and responsibility. However, the use of issues such as risk perception and subsequent customer facing to obtain the ownership of the products of leasing services need further study. Based on the theory of risk perception, we propose five risk dimensions (economic risk, performance risk, psychological risk, time risk and social risk). They have an impact on customer’s decision in rental service. Through the analysis of the data obtained by the investigation, we examined the hypothesis. The results proved that the decision of customer to obtain the ownership is affected by the five kinds of risk perception factors; while the ownership intention declines, the intention to use rental service will increase.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.