Strategic Planning for Xiaomi: Smart Phones, Crisis, Turning Point

  •  Lung-Tan Lu    


The aims of this case study are to design, practice, and evaluate a group of comparative strategies for one of the leading smart phone companies in the world: Xiaomi Inc. to turn a crisis into an expansion opportunity. First, the worldwide market of smart phones is illustrated. Second, we show the highly competition of smart phones in China market. Third, the development of Xiaomi Inc. is overviewed. Finally, we use several strategic matrixes: (1) IFE, (2) EFE, (3) CPM, (4) SWOT, (5) SPACE, (6) BCG, (7) IE, (8) GSM, (9) QSPM to evaluate and develop strategies for Xiaomi so as to change crisis into a turning point.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.