Internationalization of Chinese Born Global Companies: An analysis from Entrepreneurial Perspective

  •  Junjie Zhang    
  •  Rongyao Chen    
  •  Weibin Wang    


Faced with world economy development and global market integration, the concept of born global comes into being in the late 1980s and have raised great amount of scholars’ research interests and enthusiasm. Based on established born global research outcomes derived from developed nations, the paper explores the contributing factors of Chinese born global companies’ formation by centering on elements of entrepreneurship, niche market, international management background and networks research. In addition, the paper conducts an in-depth analysis of this distinct phenomenon through entrepreneur’s capabilities perspective. The research outcome indicates that entrepreneur’s capabilities including learning ability and networking ability have direct and positive impact on Chinese born global companies’ international activities. Besides, firm founders’ entrepreneurial orientation also plays the moderating role within that influence mechanism.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.