Issues in Marketing Strategy Implementation

  •  Nagasimha Kanagal    


Marketing Strategy Implementation (MSI) is responsible for delivering the value proposition to the customers. MSI can be seen as (1) dichotomous with marketing strategy formulation; or as (2) a mutually interdependent process along with marketing strategy formulation; or as (3) a program. Aspects postulated to be important during the implementation process include (a) presence of good leadership; (b) careful attention to the formative years of MSI program; (c) presence of trust in all important relationships; (d) system of early warning / feedback; (e) achieving functionalities in the marketing process; (f) a fetish for execution; (g) hype about rewards and incentives; and (h) choice of market vs. hierarchy. The study first addresses the placement of MSI in the strategic marketing process and the strategic organizational process, secondly examines the nature of marketing execution, and thirdly puts forth some postulates for marketing strategy implementation. These postulates are subsequently empirically checked in the market and implications for managers are subsequently laid out.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.