The Study of the Current Obstacles to the Development of Women’s Entrepreneurship in the Function of Reducing Unemployment in Bosnia and Herzegovina

  •  Amra Nuhanovic    
  •  Jasmina Okicic    
  •  Adisa Delic    
  •  Ermina Smajlovic    


The subject of this paper refers to the current obstacles to the development of women's entrepreneurship in B&H: namely, the obstacles arising from the impact of gender roles on women's entrepreneurship, barriers arising from missing entrepreneurial knowledge and skills, barriers relating to the source of capital and establishment procedures and the obstacles that result from inhibiting factors. The overall purpose of this research was to identify the scientific method and clarify the current obstacles to the development of women’s entrepreneurship in B&H, in order to be on the basis of research results identify concrete measures to reduce unemployment. In order to identify the key obstacles to the development of women entrepreneurship in B&H, the methodology is based on primary research, in which data are collected by the method of written tests using a structured questionnaire. Based on consultation with relevant theoretical sources and the empirical research, the main conclusion of this study is that access to finance and advisory services, entrepreneurial skills and administrative services are basic factors limiting the development of female entrepreneurship in B&H.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.