Corporate Social Responsibility and Facebook: A Splashy Combination?

  •  Hubert Korzilius    
  •  Maria Arias    


Literature widely explores Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Online Social Networks and consumer behavior individually. However, research linking them has been scarce. Therefore, this study aims to assess the effect of CSR information provided through Facebook on consumers’ brand image and purchase intention, considering the role of consumer´s product involvement. A fictitious brand profile “Splash Citrus” was designed for an online experiment conducted with participants from two countries, Colombia and the Netherlands, studying the effect of the stimulus, communication channel, Facebook versus Video commercial, on purchase intention and brand image. There was evidence that participants receiving CSR information through Facebook have a higher Brand image than participants receiving information through a video commercial. This effect on brand image appears particularly in higher product involved participants. Cross-cultural values did not affect these relationships. CSR and Facebook thus seem a splashy combination allowing managers to implement innovative strategies to achieve financial, social, and, environmental sustainability.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.