Customer Relationship Management and Customer Retention in Jordanian Bank

  •  Mohammad Qasem    
  •  Mohammed Abukhadijeh    
  •  Mohammad Aladham    


This study examined the impact of CRM Activities on bank’s customer retention in Jordan. In order to collect the data of study the researchers designed a survey, the sample was collected from (405) customers of Jordanian banks' as respondents for the research questionnaire in 2016, by using a random sampling method, using Google form and survey monkey. 388 questionnaires were usable, incomplete returned questionnaires had been eliminated. The statistical results provide evidence on the significant positive relationship between CRM Activities and Attitudes of bank’s customers. the significant analysis revealed that there is a significant positive relationship between the independent variables ( i,e CRM Activities represented Solving customers, Quality of service, Behavior of the employees, CRM technology; and Activities to retain) and Attitudes of Banks Customer as a dependent variable (trust, affective commitment, and customer retention), also the statistical analysis revealed that there is a no significant relationship between behavior of the employees and affective commitment, and activities to retain and customer retention.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.