Cultural Diversity and Organizational Commitment: A Study on Teachers of Primary Public Schools in Menoufia (Egypt)

  •  Mohamed Mousa    
  •  Ruth Alas    


With globalization and mounting global uncertainties, cultural diversity has become one of the main factors affecting both in–and–out life of any organization. Hence, responding to cultural diversity is a challenging organizational priority in order to achieve organizational goals. It entails absorbing differences and creating a healthy environment in which all employees feel valued, and their talents are fully utilized. During the last three decades, organizational commitment has gained popularity by examining employees’ link to their organization. It has a tremendous role in shaping the future of organizational orientation. This study explores the link between cultural diversity challenges and organizational commitment approaches by conducting a quantitative study of teachers in a public primary school in Menoufia province (Egypt). Both correlation and regression analysis of collected data indicate that it is true to assume that not all challenges of cultural diversity have a positive effect on organizational commitment approaches.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.