Board Profile and its Influence on the Stock Value of Oil Companies and Gas

  •  Savio Pinto    
  •  Aline Andrade    
  •  Roselaine Borges    
  •  Celso Jr.    


This article identifies the profile of the boards of the ten largest companies in the Oil and Gas industry on NASDAQ and the variation of their stocks. The research contributes to the study developed by Andrade (2009) which established the relationship between corporate governance and market value in Brazil. Additionally, Connell and Cramer (2010) studied the advice of Ireland companies, point out the importance of analyzing the board's composition and its influence on the organization's performance in the stock market in different segments. The method was a qualitative analysis of the board, and the correlation of the board with the variation and point that studies in a number of other countries generally fail to report any significant association between board composition and firm performance. The research information shows that the best performing companies have common characteristics: advice with fewer members; age diversity of members and specifically trained in master. These characteristics capable of being incorporated by the companies and that give power to favorable conditions for companies, for shareholders and for society in general.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.