An Examination of the Role Women Whistleblowers

  •  Linda Mitchell    


Previous studies discuss the subject of whistleblowing by women and the consequences of retaliation. However an examination of the past and current research is needed to gain a more thorough understanding of this complex issue and how the women are viewed, and how the topic is evolving. As a starting point the purpose is to examine whistleblowing with a focus on women’s roles as well as the various legislation initiatives and global progress toward minimizing retaliation. The author investigates prior research in the areas of women whistle blowers, and adds current whistleblowers of note. This research review and derived information to encourage change will prove interesting in contributing further material for those embroiled in this issue. This work contributes to the existing literature by adding further insight into the areas of anti-retaliation progress and how society views women whistleblowers. Furthermore it evidences that women continue to demonstrate courage in standing up for ethics in the workplace in spite of persistent retaliation.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.