A Multivariate Analysis of Job Satisfaction of Ready-made Garments (RMG) Workers in Bangladesh

  •  Mohedul Islam    
  •  Mohitul Mustafi    
  •  Rafiqul Islam    
  •  Nazrul Islam    


There is a paramount importance of Job Satisfaction of the employees of an organization for the smooth functioning of its work. It has substantial impact on workers’ performance. RMG workers of Bangladesh are enormous in number and instrumental to the economic growth of Bangladesh. But the salary and other benefits of these workers are very low compared to that of other industrial sectors. Sometimes, the salary and benefits are not even paid on time to the workers. As a result, a serious concern has been raised by the national and international stakeholders about the job satisfaction of RMG workers. Therefore, this study aims at identifying the job satisfaction factors of the RMG workers and providing suggestions for the improvement of present situation. For analyzing data multivariate analysis techniques are used by using Smart PLS, and SPSS. Salary and benefits, supervisor’s behavior, work and family life, working condition and the working environment are identified as factors having influence on job satisfaction of RMG workers in Bangladesh. Results show that the salary and benefits, supervisor’s behavior, work and family life are significantly related to the job satisfaction of the workers. This study suggests that for ensuring job satisfaction of the RMG workers in Bangladesh the policy makers should focus more on salary and benefits, supervisors’ behavior, and work and family life of the workers.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.