Human Resources Management Activities Adopted in the Value Chain Model and their Impact on the Organizational Sustainability-An Empirical Study in the Jordanian Pharmaceutical Companies

  •  Abdul Azeez Alnidawi    
  •  Fatimah Omran    


The current situation that business organizations now is featured by different changing and developing work environment with difficulty and risk in achievement of their sustainability, continuity and success in addition to the existence of a set of great and extended challenges and competition, therefore, the organizations seek to keep pace with development through creation of ability to better use their provided resources in order to achieve sustainability and create the competitive advantage that makes them superior to the competing organizations.

The occurrence of a set of phenomena in the knowledge economy had an obvious reflection on the business organizations that started to search new mechanisms for competition and ensure survival, continuity and create the added value through using the value chain model and focusing on the main and supportive activities in this model. The role of human resources management activities was appeared as supportive activities and an essential requirement to deal with these great challenges either they were local, regional or international where the human resources activities represent the main generator to produce new ideas, development of old ideas and the participation in supporting the main activities of the organizations, enabling them to expand its market share, maximize the organization value making it in a position through which it will be able to seize the opportunities, achieve the competitive advantage, survive, continue in the current market and think to find future markets to serve customers and realize their satisfaction.

This study comes with the purpose to demonstrate the impact of human resources management activities adopted in the value chain model on organizational sustainability with its different dimensions in the Jordanian environment.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.