Why Dissatisfied Mobile Subscribers Stay: Role of Service Use Experience, Commitment and Corporate Reputation

  •  Joseph Mbawuni    
  •  Simon Nimako    


This paper examines the extent to which service use experience, commitment and perceived positive corporate reputation affect loyalty behaviour of dissatisfied stayers in mobile telephony context. Drawing on relationship marketing and switching behaviour literature a conceptual framework was developed and tested using partial least square structural equation modelling. The proposed model was validated with data from 736 subscribers of six global providers of telecommunication services. Results show that commitment and corporate reputation have significantly positive influence on the loyalty of dissatisfied stayers. Generally, the present study confirms existing marketing literature that dissatisfied customers may not necessarily switch while making unique contribution on the influence of corporate reputation as a switching barrier for dissatisfied customers. The managerial and theoretical implications are discussed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.