Sales Promotion Effectiveness: The Impact of Culture on Demographic Level

  •  Kim Huynh    


Sales promotion is an essential tool which leads to real increase in sales and profit. According to previous studies, sales promotions are effective at a cross cultural level when they provide benefits that go hand in hand with those of the promoted product. However, there is no literature state about the different sales promotion consumer benefits influences on its effectiveness at the demographic level (urban verses rural). To address this concern, this paper seeks to explore the congruence framework by analyzing how culture at a demographic group level impacts sales promotion. The objective is to investigate whether cultural differences at this level will have an impact at the effectiveness of sales promotion. This conceptual paper sheds light on the influence of culture in demographic group level in determining the response of consumers to sales promotions. The findings will contribute to the understanding of products and promotion types in the Vietnam retailers. It will also allow manufacturing companies to focus better on their strategies for marketing their products towards the Vietnamese consumer.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.