An Improved Framework for Predicting Socially Responsible Consumption Behavior: The Development of a Processual Approach

  •  Myriam Ertz    


This paper reviews the literature on Socially-Responsible Consumption Behavior (SRCB) measurement and develops a framework of SRCB, based on the Model of Goal-Directed Behavior (MGB). First, this theoretical paper provides a conceptualization of SRCB. Second, it discusses the measurement scales developed so far for measuring SRCB. Third, it provides an MGB-based integrative framework of SRCB aimed at narrowing the attitude-behavior and intention-behavior gaps, frequently encountered in the literature. The analysis highlights the bi-dimensional structure – social and environmental concern – of SRCB and acknowledges its modular and evolutionary nature, contingent on the contexts in which it is intended to be measured. It therefore offers tremendous research opportunities for academic researchers and useful guidelines for marketers aiming at the exploration of consumers’ SRCB.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.