Ethics Projections in Vision and Mission: Fortune 500 the Case of Turkey

  •  Sevdiye Yilmaz    
  •  Emine Cetinel    


Strong ethical climate at all levels is a necessity for any community to function in a healthy matter. This requirement has a far greater importance for the business world because it creates a favorable ground for ethics violations. In this context, in what extent ethical principles find a place in the business strategies of the company and the market is a question to be answered. Thus, with the thought to provide a perspective on the role of ethics in business strategy, large enterprises operating in Turkey have been investigated about how much ethical statements are used in the vision and mission expressions in this study. For the purpose of the research, vision and mission statements of top 100 companies in Fortune 500 Turkey List that announced on 2014 Fortune Turkey magazine have been investigated by using the content analysis method. The findings were discussed in the framework of the research objectives.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.