The Effect of Tourists’ National Culture on Perceived Performance of Restaurants in Petra, Jordan

  •  Ma’moun Habiballah    
  •  Jebril Alhelalat    
  •  Naseem Twaissi    


The primary aim of this research is to study the influence of customers’ national culture on Perceived Performance of Restaurant Services (PPRS) in Petra city. Restaurant service quality links to server behavior in relation to customers’ cultural background were researched thoroughly considering the attributes of servers’ accommodation, sanitation, product knowledge, entertainment, professionalism, and cordiality. The present research was carried out using a self-administrated questionnaire which was surveyed on 155 tourists from different nationalities. Results of data analyses applied in the current study support the impact of national culture on tourists’ PPRS. The culture influence was significantly direct on some of the service quality factors (entertainment, sanitation and product knowledge) and indirect on other factors (professionalism, accommodation and cordiality). A detailed explanation was provided in the present study to contribute in wider understanding of how national culture and its dimensions may shape the perceptions of food service quality.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.