The Mediating Role of Corporate Characteristics on the Relationship between the Strategic Learning and the Competitive Capabilities of the Telecommunications Companies in Jordan

  •  Bahjat Al-jawazneh    
  •  Waleed Al -Awawdeh    


This study aims at studying the mediating role of corporate characteristics on the relationship between the strategic learning and the competitive capabilities of the Telecommunications Companies in Jordan.

The population of this research are the three major telecommunications companies in Jordan, namely, Zain, Orange and Umniah. The study respondents consisted of those who occupy different managerial positions at these companies, for they have acquired enough experience that makes them eligible to answer the questionnaire.

The researchers adopted the construct of Siren (2012) in order to measure the independent variable, which is strategic learning, and made use of the studies of Zhang and Sharifi (2000) and Toni (2001) to measure the competitive capabilities. A total of 278 questionnaires were distributed, out of which 195 were retrieved, but only 150 questionnaires were valid for statistical analysis.

The major finding of the study is: strategic knowledge distribution and the implementation of strategic knowledge, mediated by company’s age and type of service, do have an impact on the competitive capabilities of the researched companies. However, the creation and the interpretation of strategic knowledge mediated by the same variables have statistically insignificant impact on the competitive capabilities.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.