Knowledge Management Capabilities and Its Impact on Product Innovation in SME’s

  •  Mahmoud Malkawi    
  •  As'ad Rumman    


Purpose–This study aims to explore the impact of Knowledge Management Capabilities (KMC), captured by six dimensions, on product innovation in Information Technology (IT) Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Design/methodology/approach–Survey data were collected from 210 managers in (35) IT SMEs located in Jordan. SPSS was employed to analyze the data.

Findings–Two key findings emerged: first, among the six dimensions of KMC, only acquisition, sharing, application, and protection were found to be positively associated with products innovation, whereas knowledge creation and storing were not. Second, no significant differences were identified in employees' answers due to company size.

Research limitations/implications–This study was restricted to small and medium size enterprises, and therefore, the findings of this study may not be generalized to large enterprises. Additionally, this study was confined to the Jordanian IT sector only, thus, the findings need to be interpreted with cautious as they may not be generalized to other sectors.

Originality/value–this study advances our understanding of the nature of the relationship between knowledge and innovation.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.