What Influences the Repurchase Intention for Luxury Brands?-The Relative Impacts of Luxury Value Dimensions

  •  Alev Alan    
  •  Inci Dursun    
  •  Ebru Kabadayi    
  •  Kenan Aydin    
  •  Fikret Anlagan    


This paper investigates the main antecedents of repurchase intention for luxury brands. In addition to the traditional understanding of repurchase by trust and satisfaction this study specifically focuses on the relative and indirect impacts of luxury value drivers. Four different facets of luxury value (i.e. social value, individual value, financial value and functional value) were proposed to influence repurchase intention through encouraging brand trust and brand satisfaction. The researchers administer a survey to 500 undergraduate students in consideration of the luxury product -sunglasses- which they bought recently. Data analysis was performed using structural equation modeling. Results confirmed some of indirect encouraging effects of luxury value dimensions on repurchase intention. Functional and financial facets of luxury value were found to be essential for consumer satisfaction while individual value provided by a luxury brand was the main driver for consumer trust. Results, managerial implications and future research directions are discussed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.