Creating Shared Value: the Fundamental Ontology of Establishing and Movement in Business

  •  Nishchapat Nittapaipapon    
  •  Thithit Atchattabhan    


The creation of CSV concept of Porter and Kramer (2011) has uncovered in empirical evidence to both of academic and business practical which a concept prominently manifested currently and future of business prospect. The anticipation and challenge manipulating have become meaningful and sophisticated hence; this article aims to explore a new aspect of CSV as the fundamental ontology of business creation and examine the movement in the business founded on the opportunity to create social value. The resulting proposes creating shared value (CSV) indeed defined as the fundamental of business procreation where business can express manifesting to establish the competitive advantage particularly the transformation changed reciprocated to social value. The three case studies enlighten the significant of focused strategy and the adaptability direction of business needed to engage shareholder anticipation which seems to be crucial for social value creation. In addition, manipulation of CSV-single value focused strategy deals with business operation and social value creation as a favorable arrangement.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.