Women Investors’ Preferences: Case of Jordan

  •  Asma’a AL-Amarneh    


Women participation in the Jordanian Security market were recognized to be limited compared to men participation. During the last five years, their holdings increased from (469) million to (524) million shares, with 12% growth rate. This paper is the first empirical study that investigates the factor affecting women security selections by focusing on an emerging country, Jordan. The results show that Jordanian women investors prefer to invest in mature companies with large cap that are using their earning to pay dividend. They also, a value investors seeking undervalued shares for solid companies to invest in, then sell them high when the market derives the prices back up. In general, Jordanian women are risk-averse investors focus on perceived safety and require high rate of return for acquiring a higher level of risk. The findings of this paper could be the first step toward improving the participation of Jordanian women in investment activity and increasing the liquidity and efficiency of Amman stock Exchange.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.