Public Management and Strategic Management in Vietnam State-owned Enterprises (SOEs)

  •  Mai Lan    


State owned enterprises (SOEs) play an important role in Vietnam’s economy and therefore always receive care from our Party and State. In the context of economic crisis, to stabilize the business situation and overcome the crisis, the State should have a policy which is correct and conformable to the State economic sector to bring the role of macroeconomic regulation of these enterprises into play. The research analyzes the characteristics of SOEs as well as the actual application of the State management policies to this economic sector, from that to assess the difficulties and shortcomings of Vietnam SOEs against the background of globalization. Based on analyzing the documents collected together with the practical surveys of a number of state-owned corporations, groups, the paper gives an overview of the State economic sector in Vietnam and proposes some effective solutions to improve State management over the national economy.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.