Research of Export-oriented Enterprise’s Cost Advantage Sources and Preventing “Two-anti and Two-safeguard” in International Trade

  •  Xingwu Yu    
  •  Weixing Wang    


The cost advantage of export-oriented enterprise has promoted the quick increase of the export trade of China, and been the main source of the competitive advantage in the international market. Western enterprises with technical advantages may produce the products with higher quality and lower costs. So it is not the fault of the cost advantage completely when China frequently suffered the “two-anti and two-safeguard (anti-dumping and anti-subsidy, and safeguard measure and special safeguard measure)” in international trades. It is very important to further explore various effective sources of the cost advantage of export-oriented enterprises for solidifying their status in the international competition. At the same time, it is urgent to completely implement various effective strategies for preventing the “two-anti and two-safeguard” in international trades.

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