An Approach to Developmental Cognition in Organizations

  •  Mustafa Emre Caglar    


As an enthusing concept to re-define the organizational cosmos in a novel form, this study approve the cognition of individuals as a starting point. Despite the abundant study of organizational cognition concept, there remains an uncharted area which depicts; how perceptions of different cognitive capacities might hierarchise the organizational cosmos. Upon this, we used ‘Kohlberg’s Moral Development Theory’ as a metaphor and found 3 hierarchic cognitive level which characterize on different justification modes. Also an additional theoric level identified for possible phenomenons. We show that the consideration styles of organization members evolve while their cognitive capacities and related environmental perceptions broaden and that these shifts are consistently patterned. An objective scale was developed using an ontological approach to confirm the oral interviews. Eventually, we obtained two different scales for industrial use.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.