Book Review: The Study on the Entry Timing of Foreign Banks from the Perspective of Real Option

  •  Xiaoyan Zhang    


Foreign banks have become an indispensable part of China’s banking. The branches and the business are becoming more. The researches about the foreign banks have been very rich, but most of them concentrate on “Why” “How” “Where” foreign banks enter, but those about “When” are very neglected and therefore very few. But the timing (that is “when”) is not the same as the motivation (that is ‘Why’). Even if a bank has the motivation to enter China, but the timing of entry is not certain. But only the foreign banks have entered China, it can influence China’s economy. Therefore timing of entry is very important. In this book, the entry timing of foreign banks into China is studied detailed and may be helpful to the decision of foreign banks, Chinese local banks and the supervisor.

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