Is a MBA Degree Necessary to Be a CEO of Large Corporation: The Case of Fortune Magazine Global Top 100 Corporations?

  •  GholamReza Zandi    
  •  Stanley Yap Peng Lok    
  •  Ayesha Aslam    
  •  Daljit Singh    


The purpose of this paper is to examine if Chief Executive Officer (CEO) educational level particularly MBA has an impact on the performance of organizations or not. Top hundred companies around the world, who are leading and generating revenue in billion dollars per annum, either their CEO’s are MBA holders to make enough strong strategies for growth. The analysis is based upon the data collected form top 100 companies. The data consist of size of company, no of employees, industry, sector, CEO’s gender, education, experience, revenue, profit. This research is to study to understand if a Master in Business Administration (MBA) degree is absolute necessary to become a CEO of Global 100 companies; The research will answer if an MBA degree really necessary to become a CEO of Global 100 company?

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