An Empirical Evaluation of Accounting Graduates’ Employability Skills from Jordanian Employers’ Perspective

  •  Ghada Altrawneh    


In the specific case of accounting, compatibility is being sought between what accounting education provides, what accounting graduates possess and what the job market requires. Thus, from the employers’ point of view, this study will attempt to investigate the skills that accounting students have and the skills required by the labour market, and which will enhance the employability of graduates. The perception of employers of how important those skills are to the job market will be explored, as well as whether the importance of the required skills varies depending on type of sector, organisation and job position, all in the context of Jordan. In general, this study is intended to bridge the gap to the benefit of academia, professionals and students.

The objective of the study has been approached by developing a questionnaire that was distributed to all major Jordanian companies and organizations in both the private and public sectors. The study concludes that accounting graduates lack, in particular, the necessary (generic) skills, and that there is a significant gap between the skills employers need and consider important, and the skills accounting graduates actually possess and can demonstrate in practice. The results show that employers tend to be more satisfied with the level of technical skills that students have acquired, than generic skills.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.