The Strategies in the Battles and Struggles of Prophet Muhammad: How It Can Be Applied in Modern Business

  •  GholamReza Zandi    
  •  Naser Zandi Pour Joupari    
  •  Ayesha Aslam    


The main purpose of this study is to investigate the strategies of Prophet Muhammad PBUH in wars and struggles, and how they are practiced now in contemporary businesses and organizations. This study is interested to read the biography oh Prophet Muhammad, the strategies which He made during wars and migration, their execution and consequences and how modern businesses adopt these strategies to improve the organizational graph. The purpose of this paper is thoroughly study the biography of beloved Prophet and to recall the Holy Prophet (PBUH) strategies, which He used during his life and mostly implemented in wars and battles for victory. The concept of making strategies is came from Him, which now world widely followed by everyone even by Muslims or not Muslims. Prophet presented the thought of environmental Analysis, for the purpose to get information from external and internal environment about enemies. This analysis is applicable upon all organizations especially Military. Now it is executed as risk management, to prevent from sudden unfortunate events in future. In short, all the strategies, which are now run-through all organizations are basically belongs to Holy Prophet

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.