Questionnaire Investigation on Jewelry/Accessory Internet Shopping and Its Analysis Utilizing Bayesian Network

  •  Tsuyoshi Aburai    
  •  Kazuhiro Takeyasu    
  •  Chie Ishio    


Recently, the numbers of jewelry/accessories buying via the Internet are increasing, especially for young people. They often have difficulty deciding what kinds of jewelry/accessories, because there are many kinds of jewelry/accessories to choose from. Consulting service to support decisions is required for these matters. In this paper, a questionnaire investigation is executed for the purchasing on-line network, used for jewelry/accessory purchasing in order to get instructions for an on-line network consulting service. Nearly 500 sample data are collected. In this research, we construct the model utilizing Bayesian Network and causal relationship is sequentially chained by the characteristic of customer, the purchase budget and the accessory type. We analyzed them by sensitivity analysis and log odds ratio was also calculated. Hypothesis testing result was compared with this one. The method to utilize log odds ratio in the sensitivity analysis under the Bayesian Network proved to be sensitive and useful. This method would be applicable in many Bayesian Network analyses. These are utilized for constructing a much more effective and useful on-line network consulting service.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.